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India’s ‘Jagen’ E-Bike Stuns at Netherlands E-Mobility Showcase

In the fast-evolving realm of electric mobility, an inspiring tale of innovation unfolds, guided by the expertise of an ex-Airbus engineer from Chennai. At the recent Netherlands E-Mobility Expo, amid a plethora of electric vehicles, one standout stole the limelight – the ‘Jagen.’

This high-performance electric motorcycle, crafted by Indian startup Visaiyon, has left an indelible mark on the industry. Imagine going from 0 to 60 kmph in just 3.2 seconds, reaching a top speed of over 140 kmph, and recharging in a swift 30 minutes for a range of 70-80 kilometers.

At the helm of Visaiyon is the founder, Saravanan Balakrishnan. Beyond being an engineer, he’s the driving force behind this electric journey, tracing back to his college days at ACGCET, Anna University, where he dabbled with a hybrid cycle, serial hybrid scooter, and an electric tricycle.

Fast forward to his stint as an Aircraft Wing Structural Analysis Engineer for Airbus at Quest Global, Bangalore – that’s where his passion for electric mobility took flight.

‘Jagen.’ It’s more than a motorcycle; it’s a result of years of hard work. The 0-60 kmph in 3.2 seconds isn’t just a statistic; it’s an exhilarating experience. What sets ‘Jagen’ apart is its unique motor and battery technology, offering a remarkable 20% improvement in duty cycle efficiency compared to competitors. This means more power, extended range, all at an affordable cost.

Visaiyon doesn’t just ride the wave of innovation; they create it. With a team boasting a cumulative experience of 50+ years in the automotive industry, they’ve crafted an electric motorcycle experience that stands out. And the most remarkable part – they’ve achieved all this on a bootstrapped journey, proving that passion and expertise can make a significant impact.

It’s not about reinventing the wheel; it’s about enhancing it. Their motors aren’t just efficient; they’re 20% more duty cycle efficient than competitors. This isn’t just a technical detail; it significantly reduces the battery capacity, increases the range, and makes ‘Jagen’ more budget friendly.

The excitement doesn’t end there. Visaiyon took the ‘Jagen’ to the World of Emobility Expo in Amsterdam, part of the India Pavilion led by Mr. Selvaraj Ramachendran, Director at Marutee Design and Engineering, Bangalore. The Expo, on October 26th and 27th, 2023, marked a historic moment. Visitors weren’t just impressed; they were captivated. The fast-charging technology, the impressive range – it wasn’t just a motorcycle; it was a showstopper.

What’s on the horizon? Milestones. Visaiyon is gearing up for goals that aren’t just targets; they are markers of a revolution. Seed investors are getting on board, recognizing the potential of a future where ‘Jagen’ isn’t just a motorcycle; it’s a symbol of a two-wheeled revolution. Social media touchpoints are opening up, inviting you to be part of this electric journey.

In essence, Visaiyon and ‘Jagen’ aren’t just making waves; they are creating a ripple effect of change. It’s not just about stealing the show; it’s about redefining the narrative. As Visaiyon navigates from Chennai to the Netherlands, the ‘Jagen’ isn’t just a motorcycle; it’s a statement – a statement that says the future is electric, and it’s thrilling.



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