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“It’s been an honour,” Javed Miandad said of his relationship with Dawood Ibrahim’s family

<p>Legendary Pakistani cricket player Javed Miandad has spoken candidly about his relationship with wanted man Dawood Ibrahim, stating that he is honoured to have a friendship with the outlaw.<br />
Notably, Mahrukh, the daughter of Dawood, and her husband Junaid have tight familial relations because of their marriage.</p>
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<p>Miandad said in an interview with Pakistani journalist Hassan Nisar that he has known Dawood for a very long time and feels privileged to have married Dawood’s daughter to his son.</p>
<p>“I’ve known him from Dubai for a very long time. His daughter marrying my son is an honour for me. On Nisar’s YouTube channel, Miandad said, “My daughter-in-law is very well-educated; she studied in a convent school and went to a renowned university.”</p>
<p>For the uninformed, Dawood is an Indian criminal that is sought. The 1993 Mumbai serial bombings, which killed over 250 innocent people, were planned and executed by him.</p>
<p>Pakistan has always refuted reports that Dawood had sought sanctuary there after the explosions.</p>
<p>“It’s difficult to comprehend Dawood Ibrahim as he really is. The family is not seen in the same manner by the public, he said.</p>
<p>At the RCB Unbox event, Kohli begs to not be referred to as the “King” in the midst of the biggest shouts.<br />
At the RCB Unbox event, Kohli begs to not be referred to as the “King” in the midst of the biggest shouts.<br />
Miandad also discussed Imran Khan, the prime minister of Pakistan and a former captain, discussing both his positive and negative traits.</p>
<p>“Imran Khan’s negative behaviour that I can pinpoint is that he disregarded other people’s opinions and imposed his own beliefs on them. All he was saying was that there may be more than one correct answer. One of Imran Khan’s virtues, according to Miandad, was his willingness to assist people.</p>
<p>During his more than 20 years of service to Pakistan, Miandad amassed 8832 runs in the red-ball format and 7381 runs in the ODI circuit. Throughout his playing career, he scored 31 centuries.</p>

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