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A Pune-based Climate Tech Startup aims to Combat Extreme Weather Change with its IoT and AI-powered Automatic Weather Station

01 July 2024 – Pune, India: Forecastro, a pioneering climate tech startup based in Pune, proudly announces the launch of WeatherWise– an IoT/AI-boosted Automatic Weather Station (AWS). This patent-pending and exclusively Made in India product harnesses the power of IoT, Machine Learning (ML), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver precise weather data collection. WeatherWise offers an extensive suite of measurements, including UV radiation, humidity, and climate change predictions, to help the government and businesses monitor and mitigate the impacts of climate change. This innovative solution aims to fight the extreme climate crisis with advanced technology and early warning systems.

Climate change poses significant challenges to the world’s natural environment, economy, and society. With increasing frequency and intensity, heatwaves, floods, erratic monsoons, and declining groundwater reserves are wreaking havoc across the country. Floods alone have cost India USD 26.3 billion, accounting for approximately 0.5% of its GDP. Studies highlight the devastating economic and social costs of climate-related damages, projecting potential losses of USD 35 trillion over the next 50 years if climate inaction continues, with severe impacts on the health and agriculture sectors.

WeatherWise is the culmination of over a decade of dedicated research by Forecastro’s founding team members, Somnath Varpe and Kiran Todekar. Varpe, with over six years of experience in embedded systems and microcontrollers, has previously worked on sophisticated systems such as telemetry and meteorological instruments for the DRDO Meteorology division of the Government of India. Todekar, a Data Scientist with a robust background in Machine Learning algorithms, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, and Image Processing, has served as a researcher at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology.

“WeatherWise is a game-changer in the realm of weather monitoring and climate change mitigation,” said Somnath Varpe, co-founder of Forecastro. “We aim to provide accurate and reliable weather data that can empower authorities to make informed decisions, ultimately safeguarding communities and reducing economic losses.”

Kiran Todekar added, “By integrating advanced technologies like IoT, ML, and AI, WeatherWise not only enhances weather data accuracy but also enables predictive insights crucial for proactive disaster management.”

Forecastro has established collaborations with key stakeholders to expand the reach and impact of WeatherWise. The company’s dedication to innovation and sustainability fuels its mission to contribute significantly to a more resilient and climate-conscious global future.

For more information, visit www.forecastro.com.

About Forecastro: Forecastro is a climate tech startup utilizing cutting-edge technologies to provide accurate, actionable weather data. Our solutions are designed to mitigate climate change impacts and enhance environmental resilience, addressing critical global challenges.

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